Made proudly in Egypt

Our factory Voyager Optics Technology has been established in 1998, financially aided by The Cabinet’s Social Fund, for production & manufacturing of astronomical telescopes and their spares .Our factory produces the following:

    • Refractor telescopes with objective lenses of diameters 60mm,102mm,125mm,&150mm.

    • Reflector telescopes with concave parabolic mirrors known as Newton’s system of diameters 76mm,114mm,203mm,&254mm.

    • Maksutov cassegrain telescopes with lenses of diameters 90mm&150mm.

Our factory also brings into use many mechanical & metal components along with special racks for configuration of telescopes. Different lenses with their focal lengths can be used, our factory has the potential to produce special telescopes for artifacts & antiques. Refractor telescopes can be connected to CD cameras & computers.

Voyager Optics Technology factory is considered to be the first of its kind in Egypt & Middle East. Scholars & other astronomy specialists can benefit a lot. We hope that our products win the favor of our clients, amateurs, and all people interested in astronomy & space.

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